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Occupational therapy is a category of healthcare that focuses on assisting people in becoming better at doing ADLs, such as self-care, employment, and leisure activities. The aim of occupational therapy is to enable people to live as freely and productively as possible.

People of all ages with physical, developmental, or cognitive impairments or wounds are treated by occupational therapists. To help the patient reach their objectives, they assess the patient's functional capacities and create a treatment plan. This might entail creating or adapting tools or methods, altering the patient's surroundings, or giving the patient exercises to increase strength, coordination, or range of motion.To help people acquire the skills and talents they need to thrive in their everyday lives, occupational therapy sessions often contain a combination of hands-on approaches, exercises, and teaching. For instance, an occupational therapist could work with a stroke survivor to help them relearn how to do simple tasks like dressing or using utensils, or with a child with a developmental delay to help them improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Whether a person is recuperating from an injury or is dealing with a chronic disease, occupational therapy services are generally meant to assist them in attaining increased independence and quality of life. Helping people fully participate in their everyday activities and reach their full potential is occupational therapy's ultimate objective.

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